5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Heading Off to Fat Camp

When overweight people decide to attend a weight loss camp for adults, they literally take their lives in their hands. Would dieters take any old surgeon to repair a ruptured spleen? Of course not. They would carefully choose an eminent surgeon with solid gold credentials. Why, then, would a dieter choose any old adult fat camp? These are five questions to which they need answers.

1. How Long Has the Fat Camp Been in Business?
With the run-away success of TV’s The Biggest Loser, fat camps have sprung up overnight and disappeared just as quickly. The successful adult weight loss camp will have been practicing for at least ten years. They won’t mind having previous losers call the dieter for a testimonial. They will be properly licensed and insured.

2. Do They Use the Science Behind Weight Loss?
What good is a fat camp if they only adhere to the physical? Just as there is the mind-body-spirit connection to heal, the fat camp for adults will blind the dieter with science. There is Body Mass Index, resting metabolic rate and anaerobic threshold to figure. When these and other questions are answered, the fat camp will know more about the dieter’s body. They will then know what program to prescribe for the dieter.

3. Are Programs Personalized?
No adult weight loss camp worth its salt would give a one size fits all program to its clients. Just as fad diets don’t work, neither do blanket weight loss programs. A thorough medical background as well as a pin-point scientific workup will give the fat camp the information it needs to personalize a weight loss program for each individual.

4. Are the Coaches Professionals?
Just as the surgeon discussed above should be the best, so should a weight loss program be entrusted to a professional. Apprentices and interns have their place, but it isn’t at fat camp. The counselors, life coaches, chefs and trainers should be licensed and hold at least a Master’s degree in physical fitness and wellness.

5. Will the Food Be Awful?
If dieters want to avoid rabbit food, cardboard entrees and no desserts, then sign right up. World class chefs prepare exquisite foods, done right for dieters. They even give dieters the same recipes to take home. Clients will learn how to shop for and properly prepare pizza, burgers, fajitas and breakfast wraps. Bon appetite!

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