5 Quick Exercises You Can Do While on Vacation

Folks go on vacation to relax from the stress of living. They can still keep up their diet and work out, though. In the privacy of their hotel room, they can do a few moves to keep fit and burn off all that wonderful food, which was partially why they went on vacation. Try these exercises, and then go out and have some fun.

1. In the shower, do a few stretches.

As dieters bend and twist to reach spots to soap up, do the bends and twists several times. Reach overhead as if climbing a rope to soap the arms. Lift the legs as if you’re playing hacky sack as they are being soaped. Stretch the hamstrings by pointing the foot forward and leaning back as if sitting. Repeat with opposite leg. Be careful, though. Slipping in the shower is no fun.

2. Make getting dressed fun.

As dieters don their pants, do some kickboxing to get the legs through the fabric. As they put on shirts, squat into the boxer’s bounce, and jab-punch the arms through the armholes. Lunge into putting on shoes. Race your family downstairs.

3. Walking.

Walking is a large part of attendance at weight loss fat camp for adults. Attendees walk and hike among amazing scenery. Make the vacation a workout by parking at the far end of the parking lot at attractions. If they’re close, walk to attractions and back. The tram is a dirty word; just say no.

4. Buy a couple two liters at a nearby store for free weights.

Approximate a stability ball using the desk chair in the hotel room. Do arm exercises with the back and shoulders on the seat of the chair. Standard crunches and oblique crunches can be done, placing the shoulders and mid-back on the seat of the chair. Place the feet on the seat of the chair when doing push-ups. Leg lifts can be done on the “stability ball”, too.

5. Hotel rooms are no place for cardio or aerobics, because the neighbors might object.

Instead, do them in the pool. The water acts as natural resistance. Swimming is good exercise, too, because it uses every muscle in the body. Most adult fat camps have a pool for just this reason. They also have sandy areas, which are good resistance as well. Sand makes the whole body work harder, which makes more oxygenated blood reach the muscles.

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