These 6 Things Could Be Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Effort

You’re eating fresh fruits and vegetables, exercising and taking a multivitamin. Your family is onboard with the weight loss thing. However, the scale doesn’t move. Why? Folks do things without thinking such as finishing what’s left on the kids’ plates after supper or dipping their green pepper strips in a vat of ranch dressing. It’s these automatic things that sabotage folk’s weight loss efforts. Here are six to keep an eye on.

1. Not Eating Breakfast
Not eating a hearty breakfast leaves the body empty and hungry. It will demand food, so its owner will munch all morning or overeat at lunch. One cup of whole grain cereal with milk, one cup of fruit and black coffee is less than 200 calories and fills up tummies until lunch.

2. Eating Late at Night
Adult weight loss camps attendees don’t do this except at home. There, they clean up after supper and do the wash before bed. They’ll need energy from food to accomplish the tasks. Either eat closer to bedtime, or wait to do the wash during the day. Calories will then go to energy and not fat.

3. Liquid Calories
Are dieters drinking frappacinos and Cokes? How many per day? Those are calories about which no one thinks twice. Water and black coffee are the only two beverages containing no calories. Even vitamin waters are packed with sugars, so go clear and black and you’ll be okay.

4. Not Snacking
Snacking is okay, because it fuels the muscles. Dieters should eat something every three hours to (a) avoid binge eating and (b) to keep the blood sugar level. Make sure they’re the right kind of snacks. Peanut butter and whole wheat crackers, apple or peach slices, homemade trail mix with nuts and whole grain cereals have fewer calories than processed foods.

5. Exercising Too Much
Too much exercise can be just as bad as not enough. When plateaus are hit, folks tend to give up. Instead, work out perhaps four days per week. Spend the other days gently walking or picking fresh fruits and veggies from participating farms. The idea is not to burn yourself out.

6. About Low-Fat
Low-fat foods are not good. The body’s mechanisms are made of fats, so they need fats to operate. People tend to see low-fat as an invitation. In fact, these products contain calories, most of them empty. Using fats wisely will get dieters farther than low-fat items.

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