6 Ways to Avoid Weight Gain This Summer

Looking outrageous in shorts and swimsuits in the summer is important to everyone. It isn’t just physical, either, it’s emotional and psychological. Weight loss camp for adults don’t feed their clients rabbit food and water to avoid putting on weight in the summer. Take a leaf from their book. Here are six ways to help.

1. Don’t fall into old habits. People are programmed to grab Slushies and colas when it’s hot. Instruct your mind to refuse sugar. Drink water with a twist of lemon or a shot of juice. Suck on ice cubes made of unsweetened fruit juice.

2. Dieters are happy when they know they look good. They know they shouldn’t reach for processed snacks on the way to the beach. The night before they go, they could load the picnic basket with slices of cold fresh veggies and fruits. They would go well on whole grain crackers. Honey sweetens iced tea beautifully. Bake the “fried” chicken and use homemade mayonnaise in the potato salad.

3. If folks go to bed around midnight, they need a small snack around nine or ten. This will keep them from overeating late at night while they’re doing the wash, preparing a presentation for work or because they aren’t sleepy.

4. People are more active in warm weather than in cold. In winter, folks sit snuggled into a blanket. Kick-start the mind and body into getting outside to wash the car, dig up dirt planting flowers, or walk around the neighborhood. Getting active and staying active is a tenet of weight loss camp for adults to keep weight off their clients.

5. A healthy breakfast satisfies the body, so it won’t crave unhealthy snacks mid-morning. Fat camp for adults feed people whole grain cereals and toast, eggs and turkey bacon or waffles with fresh fruit. Black coffee and milk give the body a reason to keep going until lunch.

6. People should get at least eight hours of restful, unstressful sleep. Soak away the stress of the day in a hot bubble bath with scented candles nearby. The body rejuvenates itself while folks sleep. A good night’s sleep keeps the body from noshing on unhealthy snacks to give it a shot of energy.

Losing weight is mind over matter. Dieters have enough information on what to do. All they need is to put that information to good use to avoid adding weight.

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