6 Ways to Shed Weight Faster

Need to lose weight fast? Would the bridesmaid gown look better on you if you lost a few pounds? Tired of buying unskinny jeans? The weight will come off, and quickly, too, if dieters follow a few simple steps. Do. Not. Use. Fad. Diets. They don’t work. Dieters end up binging and putting on even more weight. Try these six easy steps to take the weight off faster.

1. If dieters eat 1000 to 1200 calories a day and exercise for one hour each day, they should lose three to five pounds. The object is to burn more calories than are consumed, so doing rigorous cardio and aerobics each day will do it.

2. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables to keep you full, and drink lots of water. Adult fat camps do this with their clients. The body process fresh foods faster and better than processed foods. They don’t add pounds the way processed foods do.

3. Dieters keeping their hands busy don’t eat because they’re bored. Fold the laundry, crochet something or do the once a month or once a year chores to keep from eating. Late at night is the worst time for dieters, because the days work is done. Sitting around invites snacking, so get up and move.

4. Use a smaller plate for meals, and sit down at a table to eat them. Put down the fork each time a bite is taken, and chew the food thoroughly. By eating three to four bites less than usual, dieters will notice they get fuller faster and are more satisfied. Savor the food. Enjoy talking to the family. Don’t focus on the food itself but the sensation and flavor of the food.

5. Take a walk around the block before supper. It doesn’t have to be like a two or three on a treadmill. Walking a bit before a meal cuts the appetite and burns off calories. Dieters will need to replace the carbs burned off, but the burning keeps on going after exercise.

6. Walk up and down stairs at least three times a day. This works out the muscles in the legs and buttocks, the largest in the body. The calories will continue to be burned off all day and night. There’s a reason athletes and adult weight loss camps use a lot of stairs.

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