8 Terrible Habits That Are Secretly Ruining Your Weight Loss

People just don’t understand it. They carefully eat fresh fruits and veggies, give up frying in favor of oven-cooking their foods and only cheat with a veggie pizza-hold the ice cream. Still the numbers on the scale don’t move. What are they doing wrong? Well, it isn’t exactly wrong, but it is unconscious things that could be ruining their weight loss efforts. Things like:

1. Taste testing supper before they plate it. That’s at least thirty calories. If it smells good and looks good, it probably is good.

2. Denying themselves constantly. If dieters want to follow the good advice of a weight loss camp for adults, they’ll allow their favorite foods once in a while. They won’t fall off their diet because they’ve denied themselves for too long.

3. Doing something other than eating. When watching TV, reading, working at the table or checking out YouTube, people tend to clean their plate. Then they reach for seconds and thirds. Not good.

4. Dieters also tend to drink more calories than they eat. Liquid calories contain more sugar than fresh fruits and veggies. Slice those fruits and veggies for a snack instead of buying V8 and orange juices, vitamin waters or diet sodas.

5. Those seeking weight loss should get more sleep. When dieters don’t get enough restful sleep, their bodies drag. Their bodies cry out for sugary juices, coffee and processed foods to give them a shot of energy. Plenty of restful sleep gives the body the verve it needs to get the day started, along with a good breakfast.

6. For once and all, decide fiber is good. There are so many opinions on fiber and its effects on the body. The truth is fiber like legumes, whole grains and nuts fill dieters up. They won’t snack on processed foods.

7. Adult weight loss camp gives its clients a different fruit and veggie every day. Dieters don’t get bored with the same old, same old. Alternate days with different colors of peppers, cukes and squash with days of broccoli, carrots and asparagus.

8. Dieters dread eating out. They should concentrate on entrees that are grilled or baked. Vegetables and grains need to be steamed or roasted. Skip all else.

Unconscious things will sabotage a diet. Dieters should be more aware of their actions and their triggers. Long trips, girls night out and birthdays needn’t ruin a diet.

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