9 Signs That You Are Ready to Lose Weight

The realization that you are ready to lose weight may come gradually or occur out of left field. Regardless of how it happens, congratulations! Recognizing an issue is the first step toward addressing it. Here are nine signs you’re mentally prepared to lose weight.

1. I want to be slimmer for reasons that have to do with me (to move better, to look better, to be healthier). I am not doing this to look sexy for someone else or because a medical professional advised me to. My reasons are internal and self-directed.

2. I want to lose weight even if it may mean inconveniencing others or lead to hurt feelings and conflicts.

3. I am prepared to surround myself with people who will be positive and support me in a weight-loss endeavor. If this means I must cut off negative friends for the time being, so be it.

4. I am willing to go to a fat camp for adults and learn better eating and exercise habits that will ultimately lead to a lifestyle change. I am committed to investing the time necessary in an adult fat camp (also called a weight-loss camp or boot camp). I will not make excuses to anyone for taking the time to attend. I will see this as a valuable investment in my life and in the lives of the people I love.

5. I am ready to analyze my eating patterns and my connections with food even though the analysis may not be exactly pleasant.

6. I no longer want to make excuses for my weight. For example, I am finished blaming my job, my finances and other people for my weight. I will find another job if I need to, get my budget under control and do whatever necessary steps there are.

7. I realize only I have the responsibility for my life and only I can control and change my life.

8. I know that part of losing weight is keeping it off, and anything I do must translate to permanent instead of temporary actions.

9. I have realistic expectations about losing weight and understand that for it to happen as healthfully as possible, I should work toward slow and steady weight loss instead of drastic changes that are much more likely to lead to me regaining the weight.

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