Beyond Weight Loss: 3 Ways Weight Loss Camps Can Make You Happier

Many people try and try to lose weight but feel hopeless. Fad diets don’t work; there are more incentives to remain overweight than to diet. Besides, it’s just plain no fun. Weight loss camp for adults can make folks happier, though. It’s not all in their heads, but the benefits can be plainly seen. Three very important things about such camps can change lives.

1. Focus
So many people are passed over for various reasons, that it makes overweight people wonder “what about me”? After attending an adult weight loss camp, suddenly folks become the focus. There is nothing more indicative of elevated self-esteem than becoming the focus itself. “It’s all about me” can make people happy, because other people suddenly see them as worthy of respect and love. Their opinions matter and they are so much more fun when included in various activities. What is so special about focus is that the graduate of weight loss camp has earned the right to be the focus.

2. Size Matters
Overweight people understand the depression felt when popular fashions exclude them. It seems men’s fashions and women’s dresses are made for Twiggy, not real people. Graduates of fat camp for adults know the happiness of trying on a size they thought they’d never achieve, and it almost hangs off them. They don’t have to pay more for industrial strength clothing. They won’t be excluded from their sister’s wedding, because they can’t fit into the dress. They can attend functions and actually dance instead of sitting them out, because they can’t dance and breathe at the same time. Size shouldn’t matter, but the special satisfaction of benefiting from a smaller size is too good to pass up.

3. Fit
It is a basic human need to belong to a group. Civic organizations, social networking and schools form people from childhood to participate in this part of civilization. Today’s society is about health and fitness. Magazines, television and social media declare skinny the thing. Adult fat camps help people fit into a category society is convinced is better. That is a heady experience, and one overweight people will do anything to feel. Such camps give people a chance to be popular and sought after, another feeling overweight people will give anything to feel. These, too, are basic human needs. Adult fat camps give folks a chance to feel like they belong, instead of feeling like outsiders.

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