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How to Recover From a Diet

There is no denying it, dieting can take a toll on your body. While most feel happy about losing weight, there is that nagging feeling you don’t feel as well as you think you should. When dieting our bodies are adjusting to what is the new ‘normal.’ Some dieters have noted they have similar symptoms of going through withdraw, only not as intense. Before you get your hopes up, this is no reason to not start a diet if you are overweight. These short term, and harmless, symptoms will not have permanent effect on your body like years of obesity will. Below are a few suggestions which may ease you to getting back on with your life.

1. A successful diet, depending on how much you need to lose, will take a few months. Fad diets, like the “Supermodel Diet” or the “Air Diet” are not proper diets and should not be considered. Real diets limit the number of calories you take in, not eliminate them all together. With this in mind, once you reach your goal it is important to keep the pounds off. One of the many complaints dieters have is the fact they are always hungry. Once you stop your diet people start eating larger meals to stop being hungry. The solution to this water; lots and lots of water. Easier said than done. After all, who wants to drink glass after glass of tasteless water? Water can curb hunger pains until next your meal and will rehydrate your body.

2. Diets usually have you following strict regiments of what you can eat and when you can eat it. If you are not doing so already, try eating six or seven small meals during the course of your day. If this is not for you, and you prefer three meals, just know you will be more likely to snack on food in-between. If so, be sure to pack healthy snacks to take to work which are high in protein with some carbs to keep you going. Protein will give you energy while the carbs will hopefully make you feel full.

3. If you haven’t done so already, start exercising. Be sure to start slow until you are accustomed to your new weight. For best results, mix equal parts of cardio and strength training. Doing so will allow you to eat more calories while hopefully not seeing any weight gain. Now, don’t get us wrong, “more calories” does not mean you get to go wild on a box of doughnuts. It simply means if you are eating the appropriate amount of calories, but are burning more than you take in through exercise, you can and should replace them. Having a negative 1,000 calorie day is not healthy. Good luck and stick with it. Goals are earned through hard work and dedication.

Easy Fat-Burning Summer Workouts You Don’t Need a Gym For

Summer is upon us, finally! As always, it has a tendency of sneaking up upon us. Perhaps you have been waiting for it since the first day of fall last year. Perhaps you meant to drop a few extra pounds, but haven’t been able to shake them off for good yet. Summer weather can have you enjoying the outdoors and shedding pounds verses being cooped up in a home gym. Below are a few great summer fat burning workout routines you will have to grab your sun-block for.

First, find your target heart which burns fat for your age and body style. We all burn fat at a different rate. Consult with your doctor if you have questions and so you can make sure you are healthy enough for your planned work out routines.

Do you own a pair of cross-training shoes, but don’t know exactly why they are called cross training? Do you like to run and bike and, in general, be outside? Try utilizing those cross trainers the way you were meant too. Have your bicycle and a work out mat set up in your backyard or garage than, go for a run! Start with a 10-minute run around your home. Be sure at the end of the 10-minutes you wind up back at your house. Once the run is over, do 10-minutes of push-ups, sit-ups, and jumping jacks; three sets of each, 10 repetitions each. Next, go on a 10-minute bike ride which again ends up back at your house. If you can’t run, walk or jog at a slower pace. When you first start this routine don’t hurt yourself! You don’t want to be finished before you even get started.

If you don’t have an area to run or bike it, utilize a high school’s gym track. Summer will have those tracks sitting empty for the next few months. Find a quarter mile gym track and utilize the same principal above, variety! Run a lap and then follow it up with two minutes of push-ups or sit-ups; preferably one set of ten each.

The two routines above may sound the same, that’s because they are (well, sort of). Mixing up your workout routine with quick interval training fights off boredom and the likelihood you will want to quit after a week. Running on a treadmill mile after mile is only enjoyable for a few, “select,” individuals.

Four No-Cost Exercises to Boost Energy for the Out of Shape

Each and every one of us has a little voice in our head that tells us to exercise more and eat less. Sometimes we listen; sometimes we simply reach for that half eaten quart of ice cream in the freezer. Regardless of the volume of our inner health conscious, we all could benefit from more energy in order to enjoy our lives. Obviously our diet and exercise levels dictate our energy levels. Simply put, the better your diet and exercise routine, the more energy you will have. In case you are having troubles maintaining your energy level, try these four no-cost exercise tips which may give you a little boost.

1. First, you may want to start with a simple routine. If you have not exercised in a while, start with an “intense” walk. Yes, calling a walk “intense” may seem a bit ridiculous. Intense simply means pushing yourself a little further than you are comfortable with. If you are used to walking a half mile a day during a normal day, push yourself to walk three-quarters of a mile during a continuous session. Such a walk for an out of shape person will have them sleeping soundly at night and invigorated in the morning.

2. If you are unable to walk due to health reasons or weather, make sure your home exercises target your large muscle groups. Your upper legs, or thighs, is a great muscle group to target. Squats or walking-lunges are a great exercise to start with. The best part about these exercises is that you don’t need any special equipment. Simply using your own body weight for these exercises will boost your energy.

3. Once you want to increase your challenge level, start running/jogging at your comfort level. A great method to employ is via running ‘post-to-post.’ This means finding a street with evenly spaced land marks, like telephone poles or mailboxes, and incorporating a run between every other landmark. This is a great method and will give your heart a well-deserved workout as it boots your energy.

4. Lastly, and this last suggestion could actually save you money, start eliminating those services you pay for and start doing them yourself. This can include eliminating lawn services and paying for car washes. Yes, doing these choirs is time consuming, but when you are considering your health and energy, you should make time.

Energy levels should never be taken for granted as you won’t miss it until it is gone.

Weight Loss Fads, Trends, and Magic Liquids – Try Something New in Weight Loss

The weight loss industry is a multi-billion dollar empire which has been invented, re-invented, packaged, and re-packaged with no end in sight. Remember when bottled water was considered a fad? Now they have diet water, flavored water, and diet flavored water. All of these fads leave people scratching their heads. There are some fads that work, and some that are just a waste of time and money. Let’s set aside the hype and explore what REALLY works, good old fashioned diet, exercise and a combination of the both. One of the latest trends in fighting obesity is thru the use of adult weight loss camps. Taking part in such an endeavor can be the kick-start you need to start a new life.

Make no mistake; solutions never come in a bottle. Be it alcohol, juices, shakes, or ‘energy’ drinks, all are temporary fixes at best. Recognize that complete fixes take time and a considerable amount of effort on your part. So why are we picking on these types of drinks? Such fads epitomize everything that is wrong with properly trying to control and manage your weight. These “instant” solutions are no more the answer than many of the trends on the market. Know that it takes hard work and dedication to achieve your goals.

So, are you not quite sure what your goals should be? Are all of these fads confusing you or otherwise giving you false hope? Perhaps it is time to consider a trend with proven results. An adult weight loss camp can be the exact thing you need to get you started in losing weight.

Instead of putting your faith into a quick fix, put it into yourself. An adult weight loss camp can show you how to do just that. From teaching you about the foods you should be preparing and showing you how to exercise properly; a weight loss camp provides more than just weight loss.

Think of a weight loss camp as a “re-boot.” A fresh start to a new you. Sounds a bit cheesy, doesn’t it? Simply put, you have to start somewhere, why not with a re-education on how to lose weight? Why not with taking time away from your life to focus ON your life? You can’t put your faith into “magic” in a can forever. Instead, put your faith into something you can feel, see, and touch.

Three Tips to Take Action on Your Weight Loss Dreams

Weight loss is a multi-billion dollar industry, we all know that. Companies make these dollars from selling specialty drinks, pre-packaged foods, creams, pills, dangerous fad diets, books, magazines, etc. etc. The biggest fear this industry faces is that everyone will realize the only true way to lose weight, and keep it off, is with a proper diet and exercise. With this in mind, how does one take action on achieving their weight loss dreams? Consider attempting the three ideas below and see what happens before you go on your vegan, cave-man, non-carb, spinach & grapefruit cleanse “diet”.

1. Think of your body as a slow burning camp fire and food as the fuel your body needs to keep the fire burning. If you do not place enough fuel into the fire, it goes out. You need to start listening to, and discovering what exactly, your body needs to keep the fire burning efficiently. If your body needs 1,300 calorie a day to survive, only eat 1,300 calories. If you exercise often, the fire will need more fuel to keep going.

2. Once you figure out the amount of fuel you need, do not keep your fire burning with garbage as fuel. If you have ever smelled burning trash, you know exactly what we mean. Cut back on sugar, salt, and fat. Easier said than done, we know. A more plausible, and perhaps less evasive, way of doing this is to cut out soda and sugary juices from your diet completely. Take the salt shaker off the table. Purchase a large box of those non-calorie sugar substitute packets to put in your coffee. On that note, drink your coffee without adding cream. Place a days’ worth of pre-cut raw vegetables (carrots, green peppers, celery, green onions, etc.) into your refrigerator. When you find yourself reaching for a snack, eat the fresh/crisp vegetables instead. These little steps may seem minor, but you can easily cut out over 5,000 calories from your diet in a week just by taking these steps.

3. Increase the intensity of your fire with regular exercise. Participating in 30-minutes of cardio exercise each day will keep your fire burning for years to come. Join a gym, attend an adult weight loss camp, play basketball with your kids, do something each day to keep your fire burning red hot.

Sorry for the ‘fire’ analogy, but a lot of people treat their body with an “I don’t bother it, it doesn’t bother me” mentality. Once you start thinking of it as a fire you depend on survival, you will start thinking twice about what you put into it.

7 Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Diet

Diets can be hard to follow, especially when you’re not seeing results. If you think you’re doing everything right, but aren’t seeing any progress, you could be making a number of mistakes. Here are a few common diet mistakes people make:

Not eating enough calories
It seems like if you cut back on calories you would loose more weight, right? Wrong. Experts say that eating too few calories can lead to binging. Not eating enough calories also drastically slows your metabolism, making it harder to loose weight in the future. It is recommended that you consume at least 1,200-1,500 calories per day.

Banning certain foods from your diet
Cutting out all sweets may seem like a good plan. But, studies show that allowing yourself to have small amounts of “forbidden” foods can help prevent binge eating and may even help you see results.

Skipping breakfast
We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Millions of studies have proven that eating a breakfast with proteins and carbohydrates helps people lose weight.

Binging on weekends
Eating healthy during the week but forgetting about it during the weekend can really hurt your dieting efforts. It is important to keep up with portion control and maintain healthy eating habits 7 days a week.

Eating small snacks throughout the day
The little snacks you consume throughout the day really add up. Don’t just eat a little bit of everything in sight. Measure out each meal or snack you eat and pass on frequent snacks throughout the day.

Sleeping to much or too little
Sleep doesn’t seem like it has anything to do with your weight, but research has proved that good sleeping habits are one of the most important parts of maintaining a healthy weight.

Eating late night meals
Late night snacks add to your calorie count and they are not burned off as easily as the snacks you eat throughout the day. While you sleep you don’t burn as many calories as when you are awake. Avoid late night snacks or go to bed earlier to resist temptation.

If you are guilty of any of these things, it may be time to re-think your dieting strategy.

Keys to Significantly Boost Weight Loss Results

One thing a lot of people are asking themselves right now is, “spring is here, is it too late to lose weight for summer?” The simple answer will always be, “it is NEVER too late to lose weight.” Though we know what you really mean. If you want to significantly boost weight loss for this summer, you will have to make a few, rather large, life style changes starting right now. Below are some strategies you want to consider in order to boost your weight loss results.

First, kick start your diet by dumping all of the soda from your refrigerator. Do you have a few cases sitting in your garage that you know you shouldn’t drink? If possible, take them to work and dole them out to your co-workers. Cutting two cans of soda from your diet each day equals around 300 calories you won’t be consuming. 300 calories equates to around 20-minutes of running on a treadmill.

Start upping your daily water intake. Your body needs water to live, we all know this. By replacing soda and juices with water you will be doing your body a tremendous favor. Water is the only ‘true’ negative calorie beverage in the world. Not familiar with the term “negative calorie”? Negative calorie refers to a food or beverage which burns more calories to digest than are contained in the food itself.

Stop clearing your plate! Unfortunately for us our stomach does not have a direct line to our brain. It can take around 10 minutes, or longer, for our brain to get the message our stomach is full and we should stop eating. Chew slowly and enjoy the food.

Experts suggest eating five small portioned meals a day instead of three big ones. This way our bodies can digest the food more efficiently and burn the calories in an even pace so we won’t “crash and binge” at night. Also, try not to eat past 6:00 p.m.. Going to bed with a full stomach is a recipe for disaster.

Lastly, go out and run/jog/walk for 30 minutes each day. Exercise paired with diet will have your body shedding pounds in no time. If you do not know how to, or are intimidated by, the thought of a gym, consider checking into a weight loss camp for adults. A weight loss camp can teach you the proper way of dieting and exercise suitable to meet your specific needs.

Good luck in your future weight loss endeavors and keep in mind, it is never too late to start losing weight!

Three Things to Consider Before Joining a Weight Loss Camp

Adult weight loss camps have been gaining popularity all over the United States. Sparked by the numerous realty shows which feature fat loss camps and their impressive results, it is no wonder everyone wants in on the action. The question is, “do you really need to visit a fat camp for adults, or can you handle the problem on your own”?

At this point we all know excess body weight can lead to major problems. Starting at heart disease, the medical problems stretch from A to Z. Below are three things to consider before joining a weight loss fat camp.

1. As mentioned, can you take care of the problem on your own? In order to answer this question you must first ask yourself a few more, such as:

a. Have I had this excess weight for an extended period of time?
b. Have I tried to lose this weight on my own, but cannot?
c. Have I harmed my body in the pursuit of trying to lose weight with fad diets?
d. Are there other factors which make my weight loss a priority (health diagnosis, etc.)?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you will likely benefit from a weight loss camp.

2. Another consideration you should take is your training and experience level with diet and exercise. For example, if you were a former conditioned athlete who has let themselves go a bit, and you know how to properly diet and exercise, you should try losing the weight on your own before first considering a weight loss camp. If not, and you have tried and tried to lose weight, it might be time for camp.

3. Lastly, take into account your motivation, or lack thereof. Do you want to lose weight for your family, your kids, your spouse, or simply yourself? Or do you just want to look good for your upcoming class reunion? Do you have to lose weight per your doctor’s orders? Do you want to drop weight in conjunction with quitting smoking or drinking? The camaraderie and positive reinforcement you can build at a camp will help you meet your goals in no time.

Always remember, and at the risk of sounding cliché, weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint. Losing weight too quickly will have negative effects on your body; not to mention the weight comes back quickly. Learning how to lose weight properly at a weight loss camp might be the push you need in order to keep the weight off for good.

4-Benefits of Weight Loss Camps that Will Surely Surprise You

Weight loss camps are a growing trend in the United States. They have become so big there are multiple realty shows which feature a person’s weight loss transition, be it good or bad. Perhaps we cannot all be so “lucky” as to having a camera in our face as we try to lose weight, but there are a number of benefits to weight loss camps which may surprise you. Below are just four of those fat camp surprises you may not have otherwise considered.

1. One should never underestimate the power of focus. It is amazing what our minds can accomplish when we have total focus on a prize. Regardless if you are trying to lose weight for a wedding, class reunion, or simply because “it is time,” having life’s background noise muted will give you the ability to focus. A weight loss camp can do exactly that.

2. The intake and output monitoring an adult weight loss camp provides is invaluable for getting you started on a life style change. Not very many people can change a bad habit overnight, especially if they are not given the proper tools to do so. Having a team monitor and control exercise frequency and intensity, portion size, and caloric intake will give you those life changing tools.

3. A weight loss camp will provide you with that “ah ha” moment. Think about it, you go away for a few weeks only to return slimmer and healthier. Perhaps you haven’t reached all of your goals, but your friends and family will notice a definite difference. Their complements will provide you with motivation to press on with your new healthy living style.

4. Also, a weight loss camp will train you on equipment and activates you may have once feared or hated doing. Have you ever said, in your life, one of these two sentences (or perhaps both):

“I cannot go to the gym; I don’t know how to use the equipment”
“I cannot go to the gym; I’m not in good enough shape to go to the gym”

An adult weight loss fat camp will fix both of these problems for you. Learning how to work out in your home, or at a gym, will give you confidence to walk in to any gym and stop worrying about what is going on around you. “Work out confidence,” like anything else, is acquired by knowledge and patience.

5 Quick Exercises You Can Do While on Vacation

Folks go on vacation to relax from the stress of living. They can still keep up their diet and work out, though. In the privacy of their hotel room, they can do a few moves to keep fit and burn off all that wonderful food, which was partially why they went on vacation. Try these exercises, and then go out and have some fun.

1. In the shower, do a few stretches.

As dieters bend and twist to reach spots to soap up, do the bends and twists several times. Reach overhead as if climbing a rope to soap the arms. Lift the legs as if you’re playing hacky sack as they are being soaped. Stretch the hamstrings by pointing the foot forward and leaning back as if sitting. Repeat with opposite leg. Be careful, though. Slipping in the shower is no fun.

2. Make getting dressed fun.

As dieters don their pants, do some kickboxing to get the legs through the fabric. As they put on shirts, squat into the boxer’s bounce, and jab-punch the arms through the armholes. Lunge into putting on shoes. Race your family downstairs.

3. Walking.

Walking is a large part of attendance at weight loss fat camp for adults. Attendees walk and hike among amazing scenery. Make the vacation a workout by parking at the far end of the parking lot at attractions. If they’re close, walk to attractions and back. The tram is a dirty word; just say no.

4. Buy a couple two liters at a nearby store for free weights.

Approximate a stability ball using the desk chair in the hotel room. Do arm exercises with the back and shoulders on the seat of the chair. Standard crunches and oblique crunches can be done, placing the shoulders and mid-back on the seat of the chair. Place the feet on the seat of the chair when doing push-ups. Leg lifts can be done on the “stability ball”, too.

5. Hotel rooms are no place for cardio or aerobics, because the neighbors might object.

Instead, do them in the pool. The water acts as natural resistance. Swimming is good exercise, too, because it uses every muscle in the body. Most adult fat camps have a pool for just this reason. They also have sandy areas, which are good resistance as well. Sand makes the whole body work harder, which makes more oxygenated blood reach the muscles.