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4-Benefits of Weight Loss Camps that Will Surely Surprise You

Weight loss camps are a growing trend in the United States. They have become so big there are multiple realty shows which feature a person’s weight loss transition, be it good or bad. Perhaps we cannot all be so “lucky” as to having a camera in our face as we try to lose weight, but there are a number of benefits to weight loss camps which may surprise you. Below are just four of those fat camp surprises you may not have otherwise considered.

1. One should never underestimate the power of focus. It is amazing what our minds can accomplish when we have total focus on a prize. Regardless if you are trying to lose weight for a wedding, class reunion, or simply because “it is time,” having life’s background noise muted will give you the ability to focus. A weight loss camp can do exactly that.

2. The intake and output monitoring an adult weight loss camp provides is invaluable for getting you started on a life style change. Not very many people can change a bad habit overnight, especially if they are not given the proper tools to do so. Having a team monitor and control exercise frequency and intensity, portion size, and caloric intake will give you those life changing tools.

3. A weight loss camp will provide you with that “ah ha” moment. Think about it, you go away for a few weeks only to return slimmer and healthier. Perhaps you haven’t reached all of your goals, but your friends and family will notice a definite difference. Their complements will provide you with motivation to press on with your new healthy living style.

4. Also, a weight loss camp will train you on equipment and activates you may have once feared or hated doing. Have you ever said, in your life, one of these two sentences (or perhaps both):

“I cannot go to the gym; I don’t know how to use the equipment”
“I cannot go to the gym; I’m not in good enough shape to go to the gym”

An adult weight loss fat camp will fix both of these problems for you. Learning how to work out in your home, or at a gym, will give you confidence to walk in to any gym and stop worrying about what is going on around you. “Work out confidence,” like anything else, is acquired by knowledge and patience.

5 Obvious Reasons Why Your Diet is Not Working

Too many people begin a weight loss regimen without knowing what their body does and why. The body stores energy in the fat cells attached to muscles. Working out the muscles builds muscle mass and destroys fat cells. Muscle weighs more than fat. As the fat is burned off, dieters will lose inches before they lose pounds. These five points will help dieters better understand their bodies.

1. Everyone’s metabolism is different. If dieters work out religiously and still aren’t losing weight, they might have a thyroid problem. The thyroid is the traffic cop of hormones. It tells which ones where to go. If the thyroid isn’t working, the metabolism can’t be spurred to action for the dieter to lose weight. Have it checked out.

2. Mind over matter. Obviously, there is no stress at a weight loss camp for adults. The mind is engaged in learning new habits and motivations, while the body is suitably influenced. Stressed out, emotional or sleep deprived dieters are cheating their bodies of the proper atmosphere in which to lose weight. Dieters using aromatherapy or music in a hot bubbly bath can de-stress their minds. Getting enough restful sleep is vital to weight loss. Clear the mind of unsuitable things, and the body will follow.

3. Water is not the enemy. The body uses water to pack around an injured or stressed body part for protection. During exercise, water cushions the muscles being worked out; water also passes necessary glycogen to the muscles for nutrition. The body will shed the water in due time, but it is there for the body’s good. Don’t sweat it.

4. Food can be the enemy. It’s an odd thing to say, but it’s true. Protein is necessary before a workout, because the muscles need it. Carbs are important after a workout, because they replace the burned off energy. Adult fat camps give their attendees meats, eggs and peanut butter before a workout. They receive fruits and veggies following one. Giving the body the foods it needs before and after a workout gives a dieter a better prepared body.

5. Give it time. The body needs time to adjust to the dieter’s new activities and diet. There will be a period when no obvious change happens. The body needs time to get used to less calories coming in. It needs time to adjust to the exercise, before it shows promise.

You’d Think I’d Learn: 3 Mistakes Not to Make at Weight Loss Camp

People who learn from their mistakes are wise people. In weight loss, they are thin people. There are no hard and fast rules to weight loss. It happens to each body in its own time and its own way. If they learn from the mistakes they will inevitably make, they can make the journey easier, faster and be an example to others. Keep these mistakes in mind so they don’t happen to you.

3. Unrealistic Expectations
Without knowing their own bodies, most folks can’t realistically forecast how many pounds they will lose in a week. They won’t understand when they plateau, so they’ll give up. The average body loses one to two pounds per week. At twenty to twenty-five pounds of weight loss, the average body will plateau. After a week or two, weight loss resumes. For people to expect a large amount of weight to come off virtually overnight, or at least in a week, is unrealistic. Adult weight loss camps teach dieters to understand the pace at which their own body operates before setting goals. Then the goals will be realistic, and the dieter will see real results.

2. Comparisons
It’s normal to watch the slim guy in the three-piece suit or the lady in the sheath walking along, and cringe, wishing that was you. It’s normal to envy the runway model, the actor or the sports figure and wish you were slim. The trouble with that is people who need to lose a few pounds envy more than they determine. A good point about adult fat camps is that they counsel attendees to have more faith in themselves and stop comparisons. They only hurt, after all. Weight loss camps for adults are there to help.

1. Patience
The biggest mistake dieters make is lack of patience. They virtuously eat only two slices of veggie pizza, push away the Coke and drink black coffee while they nibble at the spumoni ice cream. That was their cheat treat for the week. They are careful to eat right, exercise, get enough sleep and fresh air. They still aren’t losing appreciable weight. What do they have to do, get it cut out? Nah, all they need is a share of the patience taught at fat camps for adults. Think about it. Dieters began this odyssey because they wanted to look good and be healthy. Why would they let a little thing like impatience stop them?

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