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9 Signs That You Are Ready to Lose Weight

The realization that you are ready to lose weight may come gradually or occur out of left field. Regardless of how it happens, congratulations! Recognizing an issue is the first step toward addressing it. Here are nine signs you’re mentally prepared to lose weight.

1. I want to be slimmer for reasons that have to do with me (to move better, to look better, to be healthier). I am not doing this to look sexy for someone else or because a medical professional advised me to. My reasons are internal and self-directed.

2. I want to lose weight even if it may mean inconveniencing others or lead to hurt feelings and conflicts.

3. I am prepared to surround myself with people who will be positive and support me in a weight-loss endeavor. If this means I must cut off negative friends for the time being, so be it.

4. I am willing to go to a fat camp for adults and learn better eating and exercise habits that will ultimately lead to a lifestyle change. I am committed to investing the time necessary in an adult fat camp (also called a weight-loss camp or boot camp). I will not make excuses to anyone for taking the time to attend. I will see this as a valuable investment in my life and in the lives of the people I love.

5. I am ready to analyze my eating patterns and my connections with food even though the analysis may not be exactly pleasant.

6. I no longer want to make excuses for my weight. For example, I am finished blaming my job, my finances and other people for my weight. I will find another job if I need to, get my budget under control and do whatever necessary steps there are.

7. I realize only I have the responsibility for my life and only I can control and change my life.

8. I know that part of losing weight is keeping it off, and anything I do must translate to permanent instead of temporary actions.

9. I have realistic expectations about losing weight and understand that for it to happen as healthfully as possible, I should work toward slow and steady weight loss instead of drastic changes that are much more likely to lead to me regaining the weight.

Three Things to Consider Before Joining a Weight Loss Camp

Adult weight loss camps have been gaining popularity all over the United States. Sparked by the numerous realty shows which feature fat loss camps and their impressive results, it is no wonder everyone wants in on the action. The question is, “do you really need to visit a fat camp for adults, or can you handle the problem on your own”?

At this point we all know excess body weight can lead to major problems. Starting at heart disease, the medical problems stretch from A to Z. Below are three things to consider before joining a weight loss fat camp.

1. As mentioned, can you take care of the problem on your own? In order to answer this question you must first ask yourself a few more, such as:

a. Have I had this excess weight for an extended period of time?
b. Have I tried to lose this weight on my own, but cannot?
c. Have I harmed my body in the pursuit of trying to lose weight with fad diets?
d. Are there other factors which make my weight loss a priority (health diagnosis, etc.)?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you will likely benefit from a weight loss camp.

2. Another consideration you should take is your training and experience level with diet and exercise. For example, if you were a former conditioned athlete who has let themselves go a bit, and you know how to properly diet and exercise, you should try losing the weight on your own before first considering a weight loss camp. If not, and you have tried and tried to lose weight, it might be time for camp.

3. Lastly, take into account your motivation, or lack thereof. Do you want to lose weight for your family, your kids, your spouse, or simply yourself? Or do you just want to look good for your upcoming class reunion? Do you have to lose weight per your doctor’s orders? Do you want to drop weight in conjunction with quitting smoking or drinking? The camaraderie and positive reinforcement you can build at a camp will help you meet your goals in no time.

Always remember, and at the risk of sounding cliché, weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint. Losing weight too quickly will have negative effects on your body; not to mention the weight comes back quickly. Learning how to lose weight properly at a weight loss camp might be the push you need in order to keep the weight off for good.

How To Increase Your Metabolism

lose-weightBoosting your metabolism is one of the keys to having success at a fat camp for adults. Increasing your metabolism is not easy, but there are several things that you can do to boost it. Below are some tips for revving up your metabolism:

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Eat More Meals, Lose More Weight

samon-dishStaying in good physical condition is a very important responsibility that all people share. While most people are fully aware that they need to exercise regularly and follow a healthy diet, many either do not have the motivation, time, or understanding to do so. For those that are struggling with their weight, going to a weight loss boot camp could be a great option.

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The Benefits Of Total Body Exercises

shutterstock_105679289People who attend a fat camp in Utah will be spending a lot of time performing full-body exercises. The reason that they encourage full body workouts at fitness camps is because these types of workouts offer a number of benefits. Below are some of the benefits that can be reaped from performing a full body workout at a fitness camp in Utah:

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How to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

Served banquet tableLosing weight and keeping it off is difficult enough by itself without Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve in the way. The days themselves are demanding enough in this department, usually including family gatherings with plentiful food and drink which, coupled with a societal tendency toward near-gluttonous eating habits, lead most people to gain more than a couple pounds. This weight gain can be avoided, although keeping the excess pounds from piling up will not be easy by any stretch of the imagination. It requires a great deal of focus and self-discipline, and your plan may need to include weight loss boot camp or fat camp for adults. Here are some tips for preventing holiday weight gain:

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