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4 Ways to Use Your Next Home Moving Experience to Help You Lose Weight

Are you getting ready for a big move? Whether you are leaving an apartment in the city and moving to the suburbs or making a huge move across the state, moving can be stressful! In fact, it can be so stressful that several research studies have found people eat a lot more leading up to a move. It’s a natural response to stress and anxiety, and we all know how anxious moving can make us!

Whether you’ve gained weight because of the stress of moving or you already had weight that you wanted to lose, why not use this moving opportunity to help you lose weight? Here are a few tips to help you do just that!

1. Count your packing time as fitness

Don’t forget to count the hours you spend packing and hauling as exercise. This is not easy work! Of course, you should make sure to have Miami moving company Martin Van Lines to help with with actual moving and the heavy stuff, but even packing, shifting, sorting and lifting little things can be hard work.

2. Wear leg, waist or arm weights while you pack

If you really want to sweat off the pounds while you pack and move, why not wear extra weight on your body? You can find leg, arm and waist weights at your local fitness store or online. Pop them on before getting to work, and you’ll burn almost twice the calories!

3. Take this time to organize your food

Moving is a great time to throw out the bad stuff in your kitchen. All of the best weight loss shows on television start with the trainer or nutritionist going through the person’s cupboards and tossing the bad stuff. You can do this too! Take this opportunity to get a large garbage bag and toss all of the things you shouldn’t be eating. We’re talking about ice cream, cookies, cakes, chips, soda pop and other sugary and fatty foods.

4. Create a designated exercise area in your new place

Finally, remember that you have a lot of opportunities for space when you move, and you should definitely not forget about a place for exercising. Even if it’s just the corner of a room or a section of your basement, make sure to designate a spot where you can jump, plank and push up without anything in the way. Put all of your exercise paraphernalia there.

8 Terrible Habits That Are Secretly Ruining Your Weight Loss

People just don’t understand it. They carefully eat fresh fruits and veggies, give up frying in favor of oven-cooking their foods and only cheat with a veggie pizza-hold the ice cream. Still the numbers on the scale don’t move. What are they doing wrong? Well, it isn’t exactly wrong, but it is unconscious things that could be ruining their weight loss efforts. Things like:

1. Taste testing supper before they plate it. That’s at least thirty calories. If it smells good and looks good, it probably is good.

2. Denying themselves constantly. If dieters want to follow the good advice of a weight loss camp for adults, they’ll allow their favorite foods once in a while. They won’t fall off their diet because they’ve denied themselves for too long.

3. Doing something other than eating. When watching TV, reading, working at the table or checking out YouTube, people tend to clean their plate. Then they reach for seconds and thirds. Not good.

4. Dieters also tend to drink more calories than they eat. Liquid calories contain more sugar than fresh fruits and veggies. Slice those fruits and veggies for a snack instead of buying V8 and orange juices, vitamin waters or diet sodas.

5. Those seeking weight loss should get more sleep. When dieters don’t get enough restful sleep, their bodies drag. Their bodies cry out for sugary juices, coffee and processed foods to give them a shot of energy. Plenty of restful sleep gives the body the verve it needs to get the day started, along with a good breakfast.

6. For once and all, decide fiber is good. There are so many opinions on fiber and its effects on the body. The truth is fiber like legumes, whole grains and nuts fill dieters up. They won’t snack on processed foods.

7. Adult weight loss camp gives its clients a different fruit and veggie every day. Dieters don’t get bored with the same old, same old. Alternate days with different colors of peppers, cukes and squash with days of broccoli, carrots and asparagus.

8. Dieters dread eating out. They should concentrate on entrees that are grilled or baked. Vegetables and grains need to be steamed or roasted. Skip all else.

Unconscious things will sabotage a diet. Dieters should be more aware of their actions and their triggers. Long trips, girls night out and birthdays needn’t ruin a diet.

Avoid an Expanding Waistline with These Eight Simple Tips

control-junk-foodWhen looking to lose weight or keep the weight off, one must have a serious plan. Luckily, with a little hard work and some discipline, a person can avoid putting on the pounds. With this in mind, here are eight simple tips to avoid an expanding waistline.

1. Alcohol: While it is okay to enjoy a beer or cocktail every now and again, one should try to avoid alcohol, especially when looking to lose weight. Since cocktails contain a lot of sugar and beer is just empty calories, it is wise to avoid drinking more than once or twice a week. Remember, alcohol contains nothing nutritious and will add to a person’s waistline fast.

2. Daily routine: When waking up in the morning, one should do so at the same time every day. This will allow a person to get into a healthy routine. From there, one can make a healthy breakfast and take a jog or go on a bike ride. Simply put, when making changes, one must understand that a solid routine will go a long way in fixing the problem at hand.

3. Eat often: Sadly, some people neglect their diets and opt to eat large and unhealthy meals. To combat this and avoid gaining much weight, a person should opt for small meals throughout the day. When eating five or six small meals, one will not overindulge on cookies, chips or other unhealthy items. In fact, by replacing unhealthy snacks with apples, carrots or nuts, one will go far in dropping the pounds.

4. Water: Ideally, one should only drink water. While juices and other drinks claim to offer benefits, it is wise to stick with water. With this, a person will not take in any calories or sugar. For a person looking to get plenty of vitamin C, one should instead opt to eat fresh fruits.

5. Walk or ride a bike: It is easy to hop in the car and go to the store or post office. However, when taking short trips, one should opt to walk or take their bike. When doing so, one can avoid wasting gas; but, there is a side benefit; when walking to the store, one will burn calories with little effort.

6. No restaurants: While eating out at a nice restaurant is a fun way to spend the evening, it is not wise when trying to lose weight. Instead, a person should try to cook all of his or her meals at home. One must understand that restaurants are only trying to make a profit and do not care about its customers long-term health.

7. Like-minded friends: It is easy to get stuck in a routine of eating bad food and sitting on the couch. One way to avoid this is to hang out with other people who want to get in shape. By doing this, a person will thrive as he or she can learn new habits. This is an important step to take as it is otherwise going to be difficult to eat well and live a healthy life when everyone else is eating poorly and not exercising.

8. Live-in weight loss fat camp: Finally, when looking to fix the issue quickly, one should consider attending a weight loss fat camp. With this step, a client can learn the right methods on how to lose weight permanently. Furthermore, one will get instruction from qualified trainers and nutritionists who can get to the bottom of the issue.

It is not easy to keep the pounds off. With these eight tips, one can do so with ease. This is true for people of all backgrounds and ages.

Basic Principles for Losing Weight

iStock_000008601462SmallAll valid diet specialists approve that there are particular basic principles of healthy weight loss that are relevant to everybody. Nobody attains perpetual weight loss and peak health without observing the principles.

Below are the basic principles for losing weight. They will aid you in selecting the finest diet plan for you.

Reviewers of well-known diets often maintain that such diets further unstable consumption by proclaiming particular foods prohibited.

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