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Two Beliefs That Will Make Losing Weight Easier

Mindset plays a key role in determining whether or not you will succeed in your weight loss plan. If your beliefs are not in line with the reality of losing weight, you will feel like giving up at the first sign of trouble. For example, if you think weight loss is as easy as walking 30 minutes a day and taking a magic pill, you will not make it to the end once you realize it actually takes a lot of hard work.

You won’t be the person with misconceptions about what it takes to reach your goals, and these 3 beliefs will make sure of it.

“It’s a Long Process”

Losing weight isn’t as easy as swallowing a miracle pill or following a crazy diet for 6 weeks. It’s going to take some time, and there will be some rough patches along the way, just as there are for anyone else. If you know this going into your weight loss program, you’re going to feel a lot less disappointed if you run into an obstacle such as a plateau.

Everyone hits a plateau at some point, but that’s not where you throw in the towel. It’s where you take a step back and adjust some things to get it working again. A weight loss plan will always need maintenance and tailoring, and methods that worked for other people may not work for you because everybody’s body is different.

“Support Significantly Increases My Chances to Succeed”

If you’ve got somebody along with you to talk to when things start to get tough, you’ll be much more likely to succeed. It’s especially helpful if that person is going through the same process with you. That way, when the going gets tough, you’ll understand each other and combine efforts to push through it together.

If you don’t know anyone in the same situation as you, consider enrolling in an adult fat camp. A fat camp for adults will be full of like-minded people with similar goals, which really holds you accountable. It is the single most effective way to make it through a weight loss program.

Ingrain these two beliefs in your mind and there will be no stopping you to your final weight loss goals. You know what to expect, and how to adjust when things get tough. You also know that talking to other people will significantly increase your chances of completing what you set out to do, and it will be so worth the effort.

Easy Fat-Burning Summer Workouts You Don’t Need a Gym For

Summer is upon us, finally! As always, it has a tendency of sneaking up upon us. Perhaps you have been waiting for it since the first day of fall last year. Perhaps you meant to drop a few extra pounds, but haven’t been able to shake them off for good yet. Summer weather can have you enjoying the outdoors and shedding pounds verses being cooped up in a home gym. Below are a few great summer fat burning workout routines you will have to grab your sun-block for.

First, find your target heart which burns fat for your age and body style. We all burn fat at a different rate. Consult with your doctor if you have questions and so you can make sure you are healthy enough for your planned work out routines.

Do you own a pair of cross-training shoes, but don’t know exactly why they are called cross training? Do you like to run and bike and, in general, be outside? Try utilizing those cross trainers the way you were meant too. Have your bicycle and a work out mat set up in your backyard or garage than, go for a run! Start with a 10-minute run around your home. Be sure at the end of the 10-minutes you wind up back at your house. Once the run is over, do 10-minutes of push-ups, sit-ups, and jumping jacks; three sets of each, 10 repetitions each. Next, go on a 10-minute bike ride which again ends up back at your house. If you can’t run, walk or jog at a slower pace. When you first start this routine don’t hurt yourself! You don’t want to be finished before you even get started.

If you don’t have an area to run or bike it, utilize a high school’s gym track. Summer will have those tracks sitting empty for the next few months. Find a quarter mile gym track and utilize the same principal above, variety! Run a lap and then follow it up with two minutes of push-ups or sit-ups; preferably one set of ten each.

The two routines above may sound the same, that’s because they are (well, sort of). Mixing up your workout routine with quick interval training fights off boredom and the likelihood you will want to quit after a week. Running on a treadmill mile after mile is only enjoyable for a few, “select,” individuals.

Weight Loss Fads, Trends, and Magic Liquids – Try Something New in Weight Loss

The weight loss industry is a multi-billion dollar empire which has been invented, re-invented, packaged, and re-packaged with no end in sight. Remember when bottled water was considered a fad? Now they have diet water, flavored water, and diet flavored water. All of these fads leave people scratching their heads. There are some fads that work, and some that are just a waste of time and money. Let’s set aside the hype and explore what REALLY works, good old fashioned diet, exercise and a combination of the both. One of the latest trends in fighting obesity is thru the use of adult weight loss camps. Taking part in such an endeavor can be the kick-start you need to start a new life.

Make no mistake; solutions never come in a bottle. Be it alcohol, juices, shakes, or ‘energy’ drinks, all are temporary fixes at best. Recognize that complete fixes take time and a considerable amount of effort on your part. So why are we picking on these types of drinks? Such fads epitomize everything that is wrong with properly trying to control and manage your weight. These “instant” solutions are no more the answer than many of the trends on the market. Know that it takes hard work and dedication to achieve your goals.

So, are you not quite sure what your goals should be? Are all of these fads confusing you or otherwise giving you false hope? Perhaps it is time to consider a trend with proven results. An adult weight loss camp can be the exact thing you need to get you started in losing weight.

Instead of putting your faith into a quick fix, put it into yourself. An adult weight loss camp can show you how to do just that. From teaching you about the foods you should be preparing and showing you how to exercise properly; a weight loss camp provides more than just weight loss.

Think of a weight loss camp as a “re-boot.” A fresh start to a new you. Sounds a bit cheesy, doesn’t it? Simply put, you have to start somewhere, why not with a re-education on how to lose weight? Why not with taking time away from your life to focus ON your life? You can’t put your faith into “magic” in a can forever. Instead, put your faith into something you can feel, see, and touch.

Keys to Significantly Boost Weight Loss Results

One thing a lot of people are asking themselves right now is, “spring is here, is it too late to lose weight for summer?” The simple answer will always be, “it is NEVER too late to lose weight.” Though we know what you really mean. If you want to significantly boost weight loss for this summer, you will have to make a few, rather large, life style changes starting right now. Below are some strategies you want to consider in order to boost your weight loss results.

First, kick start your diet by dumping all of the soda from your refrigerator. Do you have a few cases sitting in your garage that you know you shouldn’t drink? If possible, take them to work and dole them out to your co-workers. Cutting two cans of soda from your diet each day equals around 300 calories you won’t be consuming. 300 calories equates to around 20-minutes of running on a treadmill.

Start upping your daily water intake. Your body needs water to live, we all know this. By replacing soda and juices with water you will be doing your body a tremendous favor. Water is the only ‘true’ negative calorie beverage in the world. Not familiar with the term “negative calorie”? Negative calorie refers to a food or beverage which burns more calories to digest than are contained in the food itself.

Stop clearing your plate! Unfortunately for us our stomach does not have a direct line to our brain. It can take around 10 minutes, or longer, for our brain to get the message our stomach is full and we should stop eating. Chew slowly and enjoy the food.

Experts suggest eating five small portioned meals a day instead of three big ones. This way our bodies can digest the food more efficiently and burn the calories in an even pace so we won’t “crash and binge” at night. Also, try not to eat past 6:00 p.m.. Going to bed with a full stomach is a recipe for disaster.

Lastly, go out and run/jog/walk for 30 minutes each day. Exercise paired with diet will have your body shedding pounds in no time. If you do not know how to, or are intimidated by, the thought of a gym, consider checking into a weight loss camp for adults. A weight loss camp can teach you the proper way of dieting and exercise suitable to meet your specific needs.

Good luck in your future weight loss endeavors and keep in mind, it is never too late to start losing weight!

6 Signs You Are Sabotaging Your Diet

You’re eating right, exercising, getting enough sleep, but the scale still remains stationary. You wonder what you’ve done wrong. Relax, you haven’t done anything wrong. However, there are a thousand things that are sabotaging your weight loss effort. You could always check in to a weight loss camp for adults and not have to worry about it. If you choose to do it at home, though, remember these six saboteurs, and you’ll make it.

1. Timing is critical. When dieters need to run errands, pick up the kids or make an appointment, have one of the essential six small meals in a day before leaving. The fast food signs, billboards, radio ads and other enticements won’t make them slow down.

2. If dieters are tempted to stop, drink water or tea. Chances are good that if dieters think they’re hungry, they just need hydrating. A glass of water before a meal also helps dieters not overeat.

3. Orchestrating the environment for dieters means not buying processed foods, but putting fresh fruit out in plain sight. Bowls of potatoes and onions, a plate of homemade bread and jars of honey and homemade fruit preserves keep dieters in the right frame of mind. Adult fat camps use these tactics to keep clients craving good things instead of processed foods.

4. Don’t mistake “diet foods” or “low-fat foods” for good foods. They are full of sugars, fats and other bad things that pack on pounds. Dieters should make their own crackers and peanut butter, trail mix and granola bars. It tastes better and is better for them.

5. Mistaking how much calories are consumed and how much are burned off. Keep a diary, either a book or online, of what is consumed and what burned off. The more accurate the record, the easier it will be for dieters not to be sabotaged by this little mistake.

6. Family and friends can sabotage a diet. They don’t mean to, but the foods they eat, the time they eat it and the amount they eat can wreck a dieter’s day. It’s not necessary to eat alone, but do what adult weight loss fat camps do. Eat what your friends and family eat on a smaller plate, and make that your cheat day. Know where to draw the line and don’t eat any more.

Sabotage is unthinking, sometimes, so pay attention. Don’t let seemingly innocent things sabotage your weight loss effort.

6 Ways to Shed Weight Faster

Need to lose weight fast? Would the bridesmaid gown look better on you if you lost a few pounds? Tired of buying unskinny jeans? The weight will come off, and quickly, too, if dieters follow a few simple steps. Do. Not. Use. Fad. Diets. They don’t work. Dieters end up binging and putting on even more weight. Try these six easy steps to take the weight off faster.

1. If dieters eat 1000 to 1200 calories a day and exercise for one hour each day, they should lose three to five pounds. The object is to burn more calories than are consumed, so doing rigorous cardio and aerobics each day will do it.

2. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables to keep you full, and drink lots of water. Adult fat camps do this with their clients. The body process fresh foods faster and better than processed foods. They don’t add pounds the way processed foods do.

3. Dieters keeping their hands busy don’t eat because they’re bored. Fold the laundry, crochet something or do the once a month or once a year chores to keep from eating. Late at night is the worst time for dieters, because the days work is done. Sitting around invites snacking, so get up and move.

4. Use a smaller plate for meals, and sit down at a table to eat them. Put down the fork each time a bite is taken, and chew the food thoroughly. By eating three to four bites less than usual, dieters will notice they get fuller faster and are more satisfied. Savor the food. Enjoy talking to the family. Don’t focus on the food itself but the sensation and flavor of the food.

5. Take a walk around the block before supper. It doesn’t have to be like a two or three on a treadmill. Walking a bit before a meal cuts the appetite and burns off calories. Dieters will need to replace the carbs burned off, but the burning keeps on going after exercise.

6. Walk up and down stairs at least three times a day. This works out the muscles in the legs and buttocks, the largest in the body. The calories will continue to be burned off all day and night. There’s a reason athletes and adult weight loss camps use a lot of stairs.

Five Perfect Meals to Boost Your Energy

healthy-remindersThe foods we eat give our bodies the calories we need to survive, but not all foods are created equal. the human body turns all foods into glucose, a pure form of sugar that is easy to covert to energy. How fast the human body turns food into glucose can affect many aspects of a person’s body including mood, activity levels, and the brain’s ability to think.

All foods provide calories. The ideal foods for boosting energy throughout the day will also regulate your blood sugar, offer a wide variety of nutrients, and keep you feeling full longer. Simple sugars are quickly absorbed into the body’s bloodstream. They are a fast source of energy, but are used up quickly and can leave you feeling sluggish. A better bet is a mix of complex carbohydrates, protein, and fiber. Here are five perfect meals to boost your energy all day long.

1. Hard boiled eggs provide a boost of protein without the fat. Protein is harder to digest and will keep you feeling full longer. Pair an egg with a half a whole-wheat bagel and some fresh fruit for the perfect meal. Choose fruits that are high in antioxidants like berries, apples, or peaches.

2. Low-fat yogurt paired with granola and berries is a another perfect choice for breakfast. Yogurt is full of protein and vitamin D. A vitamin D deficiency can affect mood levels and lead to depression. An energy boosting granola will contain plenty of nuts and seeds. Nuts are high in protein, fats, and magnesium (another energy booster).

3. Spinach salads are quick and easy to prepare and keep the body supplied with much needed iron. A salad paired with chick peas, oranges, and sesame seeds will give your body a jolt of energy that will keep you going until bed time. Chickpeas are a long lasting energy source, providing both protein and fiber. Protein also helps the body repair bones, tendons and ligaments. Oranges provide plenty of vitamin C, which aids in digestion and helps protect the immune system.

4. Baked salmon filet on a bed of steamed asparagus contains omega-3 fatty acids which promote heart health. It is full of protein and low in fat. Asparagus contains fiber and B vitamins to help turn carbohydrates into a sugar the body can use.

5. Sauerkraut is a fermented cabbage that can be found in most supermarkets. In addition to copious amounts of fiber, it also contains probiotics that help balance the bacteria found in human digestive systems. Top a sausage with sauerkraut on whole-grain bread, and you have a perfectly-balanced meal that will keep your body moving.

These meals are quick, easy, and guaranteed to jump-start your metabolism and keep you moving throughout the day.

Eat More Meals, Lose More Weight

samon-dishStaying in good physical condition is a very important responsibility that all people share. While most people are fully aware that they need to exercise regularly and follow a healthy diet, many either do not have the motivation, time, or understanding to do so. For those that are struggling with their weight, going to a weight loss boot camp could be a great option.

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How to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

Served banquet tableLosing weight and keeping it off is difficult enough by itself without Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve in the way. The days themselves are demanding enough in this department, usually including family gatherings with plentiful food and drink which, coupled with a societal tendency toward near-gluttonous eating habits, lead most people to gain more than a couple pounds. This weight gain can be avoided, although keeping the excess pounds from piling up will not be easy by any stretch of the imagination. It requires a great deal of focus and self-discipline, and your plan may need to include weight loss boot camp or fat camp for adults. Here are some tips for preventing holiday weight gain:

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