Easy Fat-Burning Summer Workouts You Don’t Need a Gym For

Summer is upon us, finally! As always, it has a tendency of sneaking up upon us. Perhaps you have been waiting for it since the first day of fall last year. Perhaps you meant to drop a few extra pounds, but haven’t been able to shake them off for good yet. Summer weather can have you enjoying the outdoors and shedding pounds verses being cooped up in a home gym. Below are a few great summer fat burning workout routines you will have to grab your sun-block for.

First, find your target heart which burns fat for your age and body style. We all burn fat at a different rate. Consult with your doctor if you have questions and so you can make sure you are healthy enough for your planned work out routines.

Do you own a pair of cross-training shoes, but don’t know exactly why they are called cross training? Do you like to run and bike and, in general, be outside? Try utilizing those cross trainers the way you were meant too. Have your bicycle and a work out mat set up in your backyard or garage than, go for a run! Start with a 10-minute run around your home. Be sure at the end of the 10-minutes you wind up back at your house. Once the run is over, do 10-minutes of push-ups, sit-ups, and jumping jacks; three sets of each, 10 repetitions each. Next, go on a 10-minute bike ride which again ends up back at your house. If you can’t run, walk or jog at a slower pace. When you first start this routine don’t hurt yourself! You don’t want to be finished before you even get started.

If you don’t have an area to run or bike it, utilize a high school’s gym track. Summer will have those tracks sitting empty for the next few months. Find a quarter mile gym track and utilize the same principal above, variety! Run a lap and then follow it up with two minutes of push-ups or sit-ups; preferably one set of ten each.

The two routines above may sound the same, that’s because they are (well, sort of). Mixing up your workout routine with quick interval training fights off boredom and the likelihood you will want to quit after a week. Running on a treadmill mile after mile is only enjoyable for a few, “select,” individuals.

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