How to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

Served banquet tableLosing weight and keeping it off is difficult enough by itself without Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve in the way. The days themselves are demanding enough in this department, usually including family gatherings with plentiful food and drink which, coupled with a societal tendency toward near-gluttonous eating habits, lead most people to gain more than a couple pounds. This weight gain can be avoided, although keeping the excess pounds from piling up will not be easy by any stretch of the imagination. It requires a great deal of focus and self-discipline, and your plan may need to include weight loss boot camp or fat camp for adults. Here are some tips for preventing holiday weight gain:

Watch Your Portions

Portion control is key to preventing weight gain, especially during the holidays. Food seems to be omnipresent at this time of year, and it can be easy to lose track of how much you have actually eaten. Use smaller dishes so that you can take less food at a time and wait a few minutes before you grab another helping of something. If you are done eating, apply this rule before eating dessert. You will often find that you are not hungry and will thank yourself for not consuming the empty calories.

Find a Workout Regimen That Works for You and Stick to It

Find an exercise routine that will make you excited to lose weight. Running, weightlifting, yoga, spinning, cycling, CrossFit, swimming and other sports or physical activities—even if you just walk your dog for 30 minutes per day—are all solid exercise options.

Get Your Timing Down

When it comes to food, timing is everything. Loading up on sugar is a bad idea at any point during the day, with the exception of the hour or so immediately following your workout. Eating before bed is an oft-maligned practice but can be quite helpful if you limit your pre-bed or midnight snack to lean protein and good fats. Eggs, nuts and protein shakes should be your go-to nighttime snacks. Weight loss boot camps will help prevent you from gaining weight in the short term but you must develop good habits to keep it off.

Avoid Drinking Your Calories

The only liquids you should consume on a regular basis are unsweetened tea, black coffee and water. There is no harm in allowing yourself the occasional adult beverage but make sure to avoid sugary, high-calorie mixers. Syrupy coffee drinks and their hundreds of empty, waistline-expanding calories should be out of the picture altogether.


Weight loss boot camp or fat camp for adults is an option for preventing holiday weight gain but will not do the trick by itself. You must still know what to eat and how much of it you may allow yourself to consume. Weight loss boot camp or fat camp for adults will be a waste of your time and money if you cannot maintain your focus or self-discipline.

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