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What You Get with One Fitness Camp

foods-to-lose-weightWe think everyone deserves a healthy body they can be proud of, but understand it isn’t always that simple. That’s why we’ve designed an effective weight loss fat camp that makes weight loss enjoyable.

All of our facilities, activities, and foods are geared toward merging pampering with pushing, offering you amenities you would find in top-notch resorts to supplement our rigorous but gratifying practices.

You’re a unique person with individualized needs, so we offer a diverse range of features to satisfy your needs for weight loss motivation and support, including:

• Private rooms
• Experienced trainers
• Gourmet-level dining
• Group counseling
• Spa treatments
• And much more

For more, see a comprehensive list of our wide range of features in our What to Expect page.

This is your body – take care of it.

To us, that doesn’t mean torturing it with an onslaught of rigorous workouts and minimal food – a sure recipe for unhealthy stress of both body and mind that damages your perception of the true joys of weight loss.

At One Fitness Camp, we believe taking care of your body means making the process of losing weight inviting, enjoyable, and deeply enriching.

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