How to Recover From a Diet

There is no denying it, dieting can take a toll on your body. While most feel happy about losing weight, there is that nagging feeling you don’t feel as well as you think you should. When dieting our bodies are adjusting to what is the new ‘normal.’ Some dieters have noted they have similar symptoms of going through withdraw, only not as intense. Before you get your hopes up, this is no reason to not start a diet if you are overweight. These short term, and harmless, symptoms will not have permanent effect on your body like years of obesity will. Below are a few suggestions which may ease you to getting back on with your life.

1. A successful diet, depending on how much you need to lose, will take a few months. Fad diets, like the “Supermodel Diet” or the “Air Diet” are not proper diets and should not be considered. Real diets limit the number of calories you take in, not eliminate them all together. With this in mind, once you reach your goal it is important to keep the pounds off. One of the many complaints dieters have is the fact they are always hungry. Once you stop your diet people start eating larger meals to stop being hungry. The solution to this water; lots and lots of water. Easier said than done. After all, who wants to drink glass after glass of tasteless water? Water can curb hunger pains until next your meal and will rehydrate your body.

2. Diets usually have you following strict regiments of what you can eat and when you can eat it. If you are not doing so already, try eating six or seven small meals during the course of your day. If this is not for you, and you prefer three meals, just know you will be more likely to snack on food in-between. If so, be sure to pack healthy snacks to take to work which are high in protein with some carbs to keep you going. Protein will give you energy while the carbs will hopefully make you feel full.

3. If you haven’t done so already, start exercising. Be sure to start slow until you are accustomed to your new weight. For best results, mix equal parts of cardio and strength training. Doing so will allow you to eat more calories while hopefully not seeing any weight gain. Now, don’t get us wrong, “more calories” does not mean you get to go wild on a box of doughnuts. It simply means if you are eating the appropriate amount of calories, but are burning more than you take in through exercise, you can and should replace them. Having a negative 1,000 calorie day is not healthy. Good luck and stick with it. Goals are earned through hard work and dedication.

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